Library Information

Library Hours      7:20 am - 3:20 pm

Library Checkout Policy
Pre K - Kindergarten = 1 book each checkout 
1st grade – 2nd grade = 2 books each checkout
3rd grade – 5th grade = 3 books each checkout

Late Book Policy
Students are encouraged to return their library books each library class and get new books. The library sends regular weekly reminders to parents/students with late books so that children can be reminded to return their library books. Students who are still reading their library books can also renew their books extending their checkout time.
 Leander ISD Library Services Mission

Our mission is to lead our school communities in an environment that challenges students to IMAGINE possibilities, EXPLORE opportunities, and CONNECT with the future and the world.

With an attitude of excellent customer service, LISD librarians envision a future ready library program which

* Promotes the value of all literacies: digital, information, etc.
*Promotes creative thinking, problem solving, and exploration.
*Provides a welcoming space which encourages collaboration and productivity.
*Provides equitable access to materials: digital resources, collaborative opportunities in the world, technology.
*Provides curriculum  and collaborative support for all stakeholders: students, teachers, administrators, community, etc.

           Librarian Picture
                       Note from Librarian:

   Welcome to the Blockhouse Creek Library! My name      is Diane Rausch and I am the librarian here. I have        been teaching 24 years in Leander ISD. I am excited     to share my love for reading, suggestions for good          books, technology, research.
    The BHC Library also  hosts a monthly Makerspace in which students create & collaborate together.  Librarian Diane Rausch Phone: 512-570-7600 Email the librarian