4th & 5th Grade Puberty Curriculum

4th & 5th Grade Puberty Curriculum
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On May 20th, BHC 4th and 5th grade students will study an important lesson on the early stages of puberty which some students may be beginning to experience. Students will watch the following videos during  specials on May 20th:

4th Grade Girls - “Just Around the Corner for Girls”

4th Grade Boys - “Just Around the Corner for Boys”

5th Grade Girls - Growing Up! For Girls

5th Grade Boys - Growing Up! For Boys

To preview the video and/or read the transcript, please visit here for preview instructions. Please note, the materials are able to be viewed online from Monday, March 2nd to Friday, March 13th 2020.  Parents/Guardians may also preview the videos during the school day by appointment on May 18th-19th by scheduling an appointment with the campus counselor.  Parents/Guardians may choose to exempt their child from this lesson by completing the Opt Out Form and returning it to their teacher  by May 20th.


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